I am an independent cartoonist, illustrator, and animator born in Damascus in 1968, currently based in Norrköping, Sweden, since 2005. member of KRO and ST.

I have dedicated over two decades to editorial cartooning, primarily published in Arabic in international newspapers.

My works have been showcased in exhibitions, with my recent project being the exhibition "SOLD - Between Solidarity and Soldiers," addressing the war in Ukraine. I have received accolades, including the third prize at the 9th International Caneva Ride Award in Italy in 2022 and the EWK Award in Sweden in 2015.

Beyond my artistic endeavors, I have served as a jury member in international competitions and worked as a coordinator for projects at Folke Bernadotte Academy and as the head of the cartoon department at 24 online newspaper in the United Arab Emirates.

My art has been featured in several books, including "Take a Hajo, Take a Break" (2020), "Suddkantig Satir" (2017), and "The Country of Violence Is My Country" (2009).

My work aims to provide fresh perspectives and philosophical narratives.


Le sarcasme sort toujours de l’ordinaire, France|Chief guest in 42nd international caricature, press cartoon & humor. Salon of Saint-Just-Le-Martel, France. 2023.

Thinking outside the Box, workshop, Sweden| A lecture and workshop aimed at individuals and groups working in associations, organizations, schools and offices where the rules and regulations must be followed. Eskilstuna folkhögskola | Marieborg folkhögskola, Norrköping. 2022. 

Out of the Box, Sweden| An contemporary art satirical exhibition, interactive experiences, Illustration | Animation | Sculpture. Galleri Kameleont, Norrköping and Dalarna Museum,Falun 2022.

SOLD- between solidarity and soldiers, Sweden | Saritical art that reflects on the war in Ukraine. An exhibition on Campus Norrköping, LiU. June-August Stadsbiblioteket ( The city library ) Norrköping. September-October 2022.


3RD PRIZE WINNER, ITALY|The 9th. International Caneva Ride Award. 2022

EWK-AWARD WINNER, SWEDEN| Theprizeis named after the famous Swedish political cartoonist Ewert Karlsson and is given out by the EWK Society. 2015

Aydin Dogan CompetitionInternational Cartoon Competition,

Istanbul in Turkey. 2023

World Press Cartoon, Caldas Da Rainha in Portugal. 2018

Aydin Dogan CompetitionInternational Cartoon Competition, Istanbul in Turkey. 2004

Work Experience

2017 - 2020

ATTRACTIVE PROJECT, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm & Istanbul | Worked as a coordinator in my capacity as an artist for questions concerning Syria and dialogue.


HAJO'S ANIMATION, Syria TV-channel, Istanbul | Worked as animator and producer, 30 seconds long daily animations. First of its kind in the Middle East.

2013 - 2017

HEAD OF CARTOON DEPARTMENT, 24ae, United Arab Emirates | Worked as Leadership, created the Cartoon Department from scratch and led and developed it for four years.

1995 - 2015

CARTOONIST, As-Safir, Beirut, Lebanon | Daily cartoons for the newspaper.


1989  - Academic Degree


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria


"The apparent simplicity of the drawings holds a subtle morality that sticks in the mind of the viewer and incorporate Saad Hajo’s pictures

into the eternal story of evil and good."

إنّ لبساطة الرسم الظّاهريّة لَمغزًى رهيفًا يعلق ببال الناظر

ويُدرِجُ صُوَرَ سعد حاجو في حكاية الخير والشرّ الأزليّة

Riber Hansson -

Swedish Cartoonist

"Hajo is one of the most idea-wise cartoonsits in the country, he likes to portray and philosophize about what it really means to think outside the box? Hajo twists and turns the field of vision and always comes up with some new and exciting perspective.''

يُعتبر حاجو من أكثر رسّامي الكاريكاتور حِكمةً في البلاد فهو مُغرَم بتشكيل وفلسفة ما يعنيه حقًا التفكير خارج الصندوق؟
يُغيّر حاجو مجال الرؤية ويبدّله ويخرُج دائماً بمنظور جديد ومثير

Christer Fällman -

 Swedish Journalist

"MOST of Saad Hajo’s drawings are image acts... the main characteristic of the image is that it demonstrates a thinking whose mode of expression is the line, the shape, and the color rather than the linguistic script. Every person, regardless of native language, understands what the picture wants to convey."

مُعظم رسومات سعد حاجو بصرية... سمتها الأساس أنّها تُظهر أسلوبه في التعبيرعبر الخط والشكل واللون وليس من خلال النص اللغوي. كل شخص، بغضّ النظر عن لغته الأم، يفهم ماتودّ الصورة أن تنقله

Stefan Jonsson -

Swedish writer, critic, and professor